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Steph Yost

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Stephanie Yost, PCC, CPCC, is the Chief Creative Officer of GumTree LLC, a leadership consulting group, and has been coaching entrepreneurs, leaders and executives for 15 years as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. She is an Associate for the London based team of White & Lime Coaching and the Founder of WiNGs, the Women’s Network Group in State College, PA.

Currently, Stephanie works with Emerging Women, Inc, facilitating Power Circles for targeted leaders at Hewlett-Packard; is an ongoing Mentor Coach for the Founders in the Techstars Boulder Accelerator in partnership with the Nature Conservancy as well as the Denver Techstars Accelerator program for CEO Entrepreneurs. Before that, she served as the Leadership Coach for Gaia, Inc.


A Master of Inquiry into what motivates and inspires humans in both the professional and personal realms, Stephanie reconnects individuals with their innate power and passion- bringing depth, freedom and balance to their lives, their work and their relationships.

Known for her heart-centered, spiritual approach to her clients’ evolution and goals, she especially loves working with those ready to create a revolution, both within themselves and in their communities.

When Stephanie is not coaching corporate techies and entrepreneurs into the messy, yet fruitful terrain of deep personal growth, she is making time to write her upcoming book and enjoying her new life. A long-time resident of Boulder, she recently fell in love with another long term Boulder resident right before relocating to the island of Maui, fueled by the belief we only improve with age and radical self-care might just be the secret to the universe. As a result of this , she now splits her time between the two places. 


Her decades of experience in the field of personal growth support inner alignment as the key to positive personal, organizational, and cultural change; and that entire systems shift from the truth any one individual dares to bring. You can connect with her most recent offerings at

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